YOUR WAY to femininity, uniqueness and quality

In Hawaiian, KAI means sea and WAI means water

Thanks to KAIWAI wetsuits, you will sail through this element with the elegance of a manta ray

Each piece is a colorful original that underlines your feminine curves and does not compromise on quality thanks to its production in the European Union

My story

Even though I didn't choose a sport that was readily available due to where I live (in the Czech Republic), the feelings I experience when I catch a wave, stand on a board and let myself be carried away by the power of the ocean are the driving force behind my lifestyle.

For a working mom, it's quite a challenge to pack up and leave often halfway across the globe, but the reward is always worth it. And in order to be able to live this dream of mine more often than during vacation two to three weeks a year, I decided to combine my passion with work.

The idea was born when I was looking for a wetsuit for myself. And as a typical woman, I put appearance first, just like I do with any outfit. But even after hours of searching on the Internet, I couldn't find a wetsuit that would meet my expectations of cut and color. Finally, I gave up the search and started writing my own story, the story of KAIWAI...



  • Blue

    inspired by the OCEAN

    Enjoy the touch of crystal clear turquoise water.

  • Orange

    inspired by the SUNRISE

    Witness the unique moment of the birth of a new day.

  • Pink

    inspired by the SUNSET

    Experience a magical moment under the all-embracing pink sky.

  • Black

    inspired by the MANTA RAY

    Float in the water with the elegance and grace of this sea giant.

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