Opening MEJDAN 18.5. in Wake&Fun with KAIWAI

Opening MEJDAN 18.5. in Wake&Fun with KAIWAI

The first PARTY of season 24 in Wake&Fun Třeboutice is here!

On Saturday 18.5.24, an OPENING PARTY will be prepared for you with DJs, barbecue, great drinks and the opportunity to try on women's wetsuits from the new KAIWAI brand.

There will be dancing, celebrating, drinking and feasting until the wee hours of the morning.

The boat will be running all day, so make a reservation. And if you don't have a well-fitting wetsuit in your wardrobe yet, take advantage of the unique chance to try KAIWAI wetsuits on the spot. You can take the selected piece home right away.

We look forward to seeing you!

Team W&F together with KAIWAI

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